Ilana Morgan-Lopez

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About Ilana Morgan-Lopez

Do you struggle with anxiety or depression that affects your daily mood, relationships, and ability to function? Do you feel exhausted or overwhelmed just getting through the day or by the thought that you’re stuck and you don’t know when/if things will get better? Do you question whether you can find relief for your day-to-day life? Now more than ever, people are feeling anxious about finding their place in life. I believe there is hope and answers.

When working with clients, I offer individualized and creative care. I start with understanding where you are now and the challenges you are facing. Together we will identify a plan to put in place to help you move forward,while celebrating all of your success, no matter the size, along the way. I focus on creating a safe and inclusive environment in which you feel respected and comfortable being vulnerable, so you feel like you’re being heard and can get the help you need.

It is my mission to help people find hope and the answers they are searching for to live better lives. This might mean increasing your distress tolerance, learning to set boundaries, working through a life transition, or changing a behavior pattern that is keeping you stuck. I want to help you get closer to the life you want and have imagined for yourself! Contact me for a phone consultation so we can get started on your journey and I can help you get exactly what you want out of therapy.

Clinician Demographics:
• Race: White,Asian,Latino-Latina-Latinx-Latine
• Gender: Female (she/her)

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Mood Disorders

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