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Taliba M. Foster, M


Elizabeth Richburg, MS

Mental Health Counselor

If you are ready to walk down the liberation path, I will walk with you. Sometimes it takes some help to be liberated from past…

A. L. Colley & Assocs., Inc.

Multi-Clinician Group Practice

We are a dedicated group of psychotherapists who work from client first and resiliency lens. We know that choosing a therapist is an important decision…

Raelea Webster, MS, LPC


Chronic illness, chronic pain, depression, or anxiety. Each of these have their own way of zapping our energy and enjoyment in life. These culprits tell…

Malika O’Neill, LPC, M.S., M.Ed.


The Pleasure Collective, LLC is a psychotherapy, educational, and coaching group private practice that focuses on our mission to educating, exploring, and empowering those in…

On The Couch Therapy LLC.

Multi-Clinician Group Practice

Having a child with special needs, learning disabilities, or medical conditions can weigh heavily on the parents or caregivers, causing extreme anxiety, trauma and depression….

Nour Alabase, LPC


Have you recently ended a relationship? A job? Have you felt like you are in crisis, or no longer feel like yourself? Perhaps you’re realizing…

Michael Green, LPC


Life has many stressors, obstacles, setbacks and challenges. It also has much to cherish, appreciate and to be grateful for and attain to. There are…

Dawnielle D. Simmons, Ph.D., LPC




Tara Patrick Taylor


Tara Reshay Patrick Taylor is a believer of Jesus Christ, Certified Life Coach, Certified Grief and Bereavement Counselor, Women’s Advocate, Mental Health Clinician, the mother…