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Bridgette Spann Edwards, LCSW, LCAC

Clinical Social Worker

“Where your head at” That is the question I want to help you solve. I want to assist you remembering your self worth, assist in…

Niketa Pèchan, LCSW


We offer holistic psychotherapy/counseling virtually in the state of Mississippi. My specialty is helping women of color and mothers find balance, inner strength, and clarity…

Creative Sisters Counseling, LLC


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). I attended the Mississippi College and received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology minor in Biology. I also…

Courtney S. Perry

Mental Health Counselor

As we move throughout our lives, there are instances in which we find ourselves experiencing feelings that can be hard to describe let alone understand….

Resolve to Restore Counseling Services


Life happens, and when it does it may seem that things are out of control and just aren’t getting better. Sometimes trials of life happen…

With over 25 years of counseling helping individuals seeking to find “Joy in their Journey” again, it has been my passion to empower clients to…