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About Thrive Haven LLC

Savitra Jones, LCSW is the founder and lead clinician of Thrive Haven, LLC. She is a licensed clinical social worker in Connecticut and holds certifications in Motivational Interviewing, Forensic Mental Health, and Perinatal Mental Health. Ms. Jones has a B.S. in Social Work from Southern Connecticut State University and her M.S. in Social Work from Springfield College.

Throughout her upbringing in the inner city of New Haven, CT, Savitra engaged in community work where she witnessed a lack of access to resources, preventative care, and protective services to those who needed it the most. At the age of 27, she experienced unemployment and family issues that lead homelessness. While living in a women’s shelter, it confirmed the long-term impact that lack of access to vital resources has on one’s trajectory in life. At the beginning of her academic career, she pursued a career in Social Work so that she could help the most vulnerable in her community obtain the quality of life they deserved. Faced with homelessness, she obtained her M.S. in Social Work. She pursued graduate education not only to enhance her career opportunities, but to provide professional mental health therapy to those in need and better equip them to cope with their own struggles.

Ms. Jones has amassed over 10 years of mental health experience. She finds joy in being a mental health advocate and therapist. She works with various populations to encourage and bring awareness to the need to eliminate mental illness stigma, particularly within communities of color. Her work in mental health has landed her in various settings including correctional facilities, outpatient behavioral health facilities and ‘in home’ psychiatric services.

As a mother of 2 small children and clinician, she understands the various challenges that juggling a multitude of roles and expectations has on one’s mental health. She is a firm believer that healing is a process and takes effort to heal from generational, environmental, and systemic trauma. Savitra is a catalyst of change and Thrive Haven, LLC is her vision realized.

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: African-American
• Race: Black
• Gender: Female ()

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