Tameka Whittlesey, MSW, LCSW, LCSWA

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About Tameka Whittlesey, MSW, LCSW, LCSWA

Struggling to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities can feel like an uphill battle, especially when we’re pressured to perform constantly, even when we’re not at our best. As black women, we carry an additional weight—the expectation to embody the “Strong black woman” archetype imposed by society. This societal pressure can take a toll on our mental well-being, causing us to lose sight of our true selves and struggle to find joy in the things that once brought us life.

Adding to the already unrealistic standards imposed on women, the pressure around family planning and pregnancy only intensifies. We often find ourselves torn between our own desires and societal expectations. Sadly, within the black community, conversations around infertility and pregnancy loss are frequently sidelined, leaving us feeling isolated in our pain. It’s challenging to hold onto hope when we’re grappling with the heartbreak of losing someone we love, feeling a whirlwind of emotions—emptiness, powerlessness, resentment, confusion, and isolation—engulf us.

Carrying this heavy weight alone is overwhelming. It burdens our minds and hearts, making it hard to see a way forward. But you don’t have to shoulder this burden by yourself—I’m here to support you. Your experiences and emotions are valid, and there’s a safe space where you can unpack and process this trauma. Together, we can work towards lightening the load, making it easier for you to carry, and finding healing along the way.

I’m dedicated to providing culturally sensitive and empathetic therapy. In our sessions, you’ll find a safe and supportive environment where you can rediscover your sense of self, rekindle joy in life, and navigate the complexities of trauma and grief. Through our therapeutic journey, we’ll unpack the weight of your experiences, honor your emotions, and work towards healing and growth. Together, we can forge a path towards well-being, resilience, and reclaiming your authentic self.

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: African-American
• Race: Black
• Gender: Female (She/Her/Her's)

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