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Hi, I am Dr. T. I know that asking for help can be hard for so many reasons. We were taught to keep our business to ourselves or that we can’t trust anyone. Asking for help may also be seen as a sign of weakness or that we have failed in some way. I am here to tell you that we have been misled. It is when we ask for help that we decrease our chances of repeating mistakes. It also offers us the opportunity to reach our goals that much faster because we are not alone. As a human being and a person of color, I want you to know that I understand your concerns. My many years of experience from working in a jail, methadone clinic, school settings, community centers and private practice have helped me develop the necessary skills to guide you through your process of healing and just finding your way. We all have a story. I have experienced issues such as child abuse/neglect, mental disorders, addictions, adoption, divorce, theft, murder, and losing family members to the state’s system. I’ve had to manage life while being a soldier in the army and a wife of an airman. Life happens to all of us. I can reassure you that I am here to offer help by providing hope and guidance without judgment. Together we will use your hope to effect change.

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• Ethnicity: African-American
• Race: Black
• Gender: female ()

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