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About Shae Ivie-Williams, LPC

I understand that reaching out for help takes courage. Not because I’m a therapist, but because I’ve been there. From personal experience with generational trauma, domestic violence, a single teen mom, and social injustices, I know how valuable therapy can be. Once I saw women like myself struggling with resolving past trauma of their own and/or from their childhood, I used my journey to propel myself into the field of mental health. I now use my experience and skills to help BIWOC (Black indigenous women of color) to heal from trauma, sexual abuse, childhood abuse, and anxiety,

I strive to break generational cycles of trauma to build healthier individuals, families & communities. Working from a lens of social justice I aim to affirm equal rights and address the injustices of society. I utilize an integrative approach specific to your needs to integrate healthier coping skills by utilizing brain and body modalities to rewrite your story. I believe that everyone has the ability to heal from within and I can help guide you to your healing spot.

I’m here to create a safe space for healing, inner growth, and peace. It may be difficult at times, but I am here to guide you through the tougher things and lead you to a beautiful destination. If you are ready to get started, I’m here to help you take the first step onto your path of healing.

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: African-American
• Race: Black
• Gender: Female (She/her)

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The best way to get in contact with me is through the website at or email

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