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About Monica Gavilanes, LMSW

Are you a first-generation immigrant that has come to realize you often play the role of caregiver? You do so much for those around you, maybe even overextend, and find yourself feeling resentful or left with anger you may not know how to express effectively? Do you find that you feel guilty when you do implement a boundary? These experiences are part of a larger pattern of self-betrayal and lack of trust. They also have a great impact on our self-worth, self-care, & relationships. I’m here to tell you it is possible to honor yourself first, use boundaries, & still care for your loved ones (a pillar in black & brown cultures).

As therapist of color, I take pride in understanding how systemic oppression has influenced the way we view ourselves & how that translates to relationships/life circumstances. My areas of speciality include codependency, anxiety, racial identity, self-esteem, & childhood trauma. I merge psychoanalysis, body/mind connection, & internalized family systems.

Know that the different therapeutic modalities we will engage in together all serve the same purpose, which is to undo internalized inferiority which was learned through your personal & societal experiences. Your story started before you were born, but you can write your chapter yourself. If you’d like to work together, please EMAIL me for a consultation.

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: Caribbean,South American
• Race: Latino-Latina-Latinx-Latine
• Gender: Female (She/her)

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Anxiety/Caretaker Identity Issues
Self-Esteem/Attachment Issues
Identity Based Trauma

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