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About Leading Light Behavioral Health Inc

Leading Light Behavioral Health, Inc. is a growing diverse private practice with BIPOC clinicians. We currently offer 100% telehealth services via individual, group, couples and family settings for anyone over 8 years old. LLBH clinicians utilize an array of evidenced-based approaches. We demonstrate a commitment to our core values of Maintaining our INTEGRITY at all times, treating everyone with RESPECT and kindness, modeling ACCOUNTABILITY and HONESTY, being willing to CONSTANTLY IMPROVE ourselves as we COMMITMENT TO OUR CLIENTS.
LLBH specializes in Marriage and Family Therapy, Group Facilitating, Trauma Informed therapy, Individual/Child/Adolescent Counseling, Child Welfare and Psych testing. We offer support regarding relevant issues such as, racial, sexuality and gender injustices. Please check out our team on our website at LLBH-LLC.COM.
The LLBH team understands the importance of maintaining healthy relationships, while building & enhancing innate skills that clients already possess. We bring lived and professional experience to our professional work. The LLBH team are interactive professionals who believe in psycho-education and empowering clients to be the best they can be.

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: African-American,Caribbean
• Race: Black

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  • This practice is insurance-based only.