Iyea Brandy, EDS, LAPC

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About Iyea Brandy, EDS, LAPC

Hey sis I see you trying to be the strong one and pretend everything is ok. I see that S on your chest and your cape flying in the wind. I understand to your family and friends you have it all together. But even Black Girl Magic needs a lift from time to time! You are the Woman always there for everyone but who is there for you? Allow me? I would be honored to Give Your Magic the Lift it Needs and walk with you on this counseling journey to healing while you leave that cape at home. Here is where you let your guards down and find the support you need in someone to lean on. Let’s start with talking, see how we can lessen the load, energize and Lift that Black Girl Magic.

I am so honored to collaborate with you on this journey of healing. The counseling relationship is a personal one and I look forward to being a part of your process. I enjoy working with people of diverse background and cultures.
My specialties include, everyday life challenges, entrepreneurial difficulties, depression, anxiety, parenting, etc. I offer whole-person based counseling, which means we will look at all areas of your life to help you heal and thrive. I offer hourly sessions and packages. I am willing to meet you at your location or offer Telehealth to meet your needs.

I have vast experience in several areas including education, entrepreneurial ship and counseling. I am a single mom raising a young King as we both participate as assets to our community. I am a dedicated to the plight of improving the quality of mental health and wellness available for Women of Color. The prosperity of your journey of healing is a success for all of us, Black Girl. I am excited about this process of lifting your Magic to new heights!

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: African-American,West African
• Race: Black
• Gender: Female (She/Her)

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I can be reached by phone or email. I respond to all messages.

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  • $85-105






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