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About Hummingbird Marriage and Family Therapy, PLLC

Taking care of your mental health is one of the most compassionate things you can do. Expected, even positive life transitions tend to cause some level of stress and resistance. Those stressors can force us to operate in extreme ways causing experiences of fear or uncertainty, dissatisfaction in relationships, or an erratic relationship with food. Most clients I see are high achievers, perfectionists or people pleasers; To the average eye, they appear as though they have everything yet, they are struggling inside. These are people seeking change but are often fearful of what that will entail or where to start.

I have spent 10+ years as a clinician, providing safe spaces for teens and adults to let their experiences be heard. I believe you’re the expert on your own life however I can help you learn self-trust, regulate your emotions, release painful burdens, & build authentic relationships. I’m well-versed in IFS, Intergenerational, Relational and trauma therapies.

I’ve been described as “conversational” and “non-judgemental”. I use practical, therapeutic modalities, to help you build vital skills and create a life in line with your values. Like the Hummingbird, you will learn to be adaptable, have the stamina for whatever you come across, as well as honor and find joy in the small things. Start your journey today.

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: African-American,American
• Race: Black
• Gender: female (she/ her)

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Life Transistions
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