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About Honeybee Wellness and Consulting

Are you tired of feeling like you can’t manage your life due to several stressors such as challenges with school, work, relationships, and parenting? Do you ever find yourself wondering if what you desire matters or if your goals and dreams are important? Do you ever find yourself speaking negatively over your life or can’t seem to find the twinkle in your eye you once had? Everyone has difficult times in their life and realizing you need help during those hard times is a big step and is the first step to working through whatever difficulty you may be having.

I am committed to instilling hope and helping you manage anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders to live a more meaningful and purposeful life. Let me help you transform your mind, body, soul. Overall, I want to help you just BEE! My purpose is to provide a non-judgmental, encouraging space to help you feel empowered and on top of the world.

With compassion and understanding, I specialize in working with clients through emotional issues and times of transition and help them cultivate their own inner wisdom and inherent strength towards personal growth. I strive to make therapy as accessible as possible through providing flexible, and convenient counseling sessions.

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: African-American
• Race: Black
• Gender: Female (She/Her/Hers)

How to get started

The best way to contact the practice for appointments is to email info@honeybwc.com

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