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About Hamilton Therapeutic Services, PLLC

Hi, I am Kirk Burke-Hamilton, LCSW, therapist, owner, and founder of Hamilton Therapeutic Services PLLC. Licensed in DC, MD & VA, PA After fifteen years of working in community mental health mostly as a therapist I decided to start my own practice that focuses on compassion and justice. I believe we should have the freedom to be successful and love however and whoever they want. I believe people of color should have a voice. We should have the freedom to create our own community. We should abandon the European colonial view of what it means to be men in our society. I believe Black Lives Matter. I believe in Gay-marriage. I believe in protecting the poor and disenfranchised and speaking up for those who are unable to speak for themselves. I believe in advocating against the persecution of refugees and indigenous peoples. I believe in International human rights, and the rights of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. Hamilton Therapeutic Services is passionate about providing psychotherapy to adults interested in enhancing their lives and building upon what they already use to guide them. We explore healthier ways to navigate through stress and trauma. We partner together to find viable solutions and refocus how we view setbacks in our lives. Patients come to me with several different concerns. I use different modalities to help address those concerns. First, we assess the concerns and develop a plan together. Then we begin our sessions by getting to know each other through a “therapeutic relationship.” Followed by methodically working our way through psychoeducation and mixed modalities to address each concern. Periodically, we reelevate your progress and adjust based on your personal needs. “I will adopt a sympathetic view, one which fits with my fundamentals of compassion and justice and recognizes that compassion does not have to be separated from justice.” Justice Blackmun.

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: Caribbean,East African
• Race: Black
• Gender: Male (He/Him)

How to get started

Office number: (771) 201-5007 Office Email: Hamiltontheraeputicservices@gmail.com, HamiltonTherapyPLLC@hamiltontherapeuticservices.com. Calendar: https://hamiltontherapypllc.clientsecure.me Website: https://hamiltontherapeuticservice.com

Below are the payment options this practice offers:

  • Private Pay $150, Insurance Accepted





PTSD, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Trauma, Berevament etc
Crisis management, Child welfare, Community mental health
Employment Related Stress, Panic Attacks, Adjustments

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