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About Emerge Counseling Services

You have just taken the first step in your journey towards healing, peace, and empowerment. As a therapist, I work diligently to empower, support, and mend the minds and hearts of young ladies, women, and parents. Emerge Counseling Services is a safe space, free of judgement, and full of compassion and commitment. It is my mission to tailor services to suit your unique needs, and for all clients to become equipped with the knowledge and tools to face and overcome life’s challenges.

My extensive experience as a therapist, school counselor, educator, mentor, and mother has equipped me to successfully empower young ladies, support women, and navigate the challenges of parenting. These experiences have also provided me with a wealth of knowledge and shaped me into a passionate and purpose-driven clinician.

This may be the one call that will allow you to begin your healing process, find peace, and EMERGE. Schedule your free consultation today!

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: African-American
• Race: Black
• Gender: Female ()

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Start your journey today! Call or email to schedule a free consultation: (248)2-EMERGE (248-236-3743) emergecounseling@2emerge.org

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