Dr. Zanovia Tucker

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About Dr. Zanovia Tucker

Dr. Zanovia was born and raised in Chicago. She has over five years of clinical experience in community mental health, private practice and inpatient settings. She has served individuals who have experience trauma(s), depression, anxiety, substance use, behavior issues, neglect and much more. Dr. Zanovia enjoys working with individuals 14 years and older. She is passionate about HEALING, self-preservation, healthy self-care practices and trauma education.
Dr. Zanovia is a Board-Certified, Licensed Professional Counselor, & Trauma Specialist. She is currently receiving training as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP). Dr. Zanovia specializes in cognitive behavior, person-centered, and strength-based therapies. She offers individual therapy.

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: African-American
• Race: Black
• Gender: Female (she/her/hers)

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