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Dr. Celina, “Ambassador of Emotional Health” is a trauma specialist, particularly in the areas of abuse, neglect, and domestic violence. Dr. Celina is recognized for her distinguished clinical abilities in providing diagnostic assessment and treatment in the area of trauma-related issues across many ages and cultures. Dr. Celina is known for her holistic approach to treatment and her use of therapeutic tools such as; EMDR, HeartMath techniques, Relaxation and Visualization techniques, Emotional Focus using her developed “Five Keys to Emotional Oneness” System, Movement, poetry, and story writing techniques and other forms of healing.
Dr Celina Int’l Best Selling Author of “Five Keys to Emotional Oneness, The Emotional Detox System” has created an emotional healing platform utilizing several healing tools to identify and displace the emotional intoxication that interrupts our emotional growth. This system is cognitively based on using creative modalities for the healing of traumatic events.
In working holistically, it is my goal to embark upon “Growth through inner experiences.” Exploring all internal networks i.e., creativity, strengths, neurological, emotional, medical, etc. to bring about successful change. The challenge is in rebuilding, rebirthing, and re-experiencing. Through the “Five Key System,” you will write your story and heal.

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: African-American,West African
• Race: Black
• Gender: Female (She, her)


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