Paloma Andazola-Reza, MSW, LICSW

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Crisálida Healing & Transformation, PLLC
Clinical Social Worker


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About Paloma Andazola-Reza, MSW, LICSW

I am a cis-queer Xicana/Mestiza (she/her/ella) who lives with invisible disabilities. My own journey of healing and seeking a place of wholeness at all my intersections has brought me to this work. I do this work in honor of knowing what it takes to find grace, empowerment, and self-love in the process of healing, in honor of messiness and complexity, and in honor of living at the center of our unique, creative, sacred, and expressive beings. I do this work with the understanding that this journey is not linear, it often does not have a clear and definitive place to land, and requires us to unlearn and relearn how to honor ourselves as whole, fierce, resilient, intuitive beings and find ourselves in deeper connection and interdependence. I do this work in honor of my ancestors and communities, who have traditionally and continually known and found healing in all the brilliant and important ways that have often gone unseen, unknown, or unrecognized. I do this work in honor of the generations that are following us.

I am a licensed clinical social worker who works from within somatic, creative, multimodal integrative, psychotherapeutic perspectives. My approach integrates expressive arts, narrative/plática, psychodynamic, somatic/sensorimotor, and culturally integrative healing approaches. I specialize in healing complex and developmental trauma, PTSD, historical and intergenerational trauma, grief and loss, traumatic and suicide loss, complicated grief, chronic and oppression related stress, vicarious trauma and burnout, medical trauma, and institutional abuse. I specialize in working with Xicanx, Latine/x, Hispañ@ and Indigenous/Native/First Nations peoples and people with multiethnic, bi-racial, cross-cultural, and intersectional identity experiences. I also specialize in working with people who live with experiences of disability and neurodiversity, chronic illness and pain, terminal illness, new diagnosis, transplantees, people in remission, and end of life transitions – grounded in Disability Justice and deconstructing ableism and at the intersections of race, gender, and sexual identities. I am fiercely honoring and affirming of all LGBTQIA+, two spirit and gender fluid identities. My work is aimed at transformative healing in wholeness and somatic connection, wisdom and healing as liberation within the context of acknowledging the ways oppression, racism, colonization, historical and intergenerational trauma, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, fatphobia and body policing impact and compound how other stressors, wounds, traumas, and life transitions are experienced and how we navigate and find healing.

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: Chicana-Chicano-Chicane-Xicanx
• Race: Latino-Latina-Latinx-Latine
• Gender: female (she/her/ella)

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  • $155.00 - This practice is private pay and out of network with all insurers.





Complex trauma, PTSD, intergenerational, historical and developmental trauma
Grief and loss. Complicated grief. Suicide loss
Experiences of oppression and chronic stressors related to identities and experiences of disability/chronic illness/neurodiversity.

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