Conversations With A Clinician LLC.

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Clinical Social Worker
(She, Her)



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About Conversations With A Clinician LLC.

I am a virtual only practice serving clients in the states of Maryland and Ohio. I am a licensed clinical social worker that believes with the right resources, support, and education we all have the ability to live our best life. Challenges and adversity will come, but if we learn the art of resiliency collectively we will be able to overcome every obstacle that stands in our way. I call myself the “Toolbox Therapist” because I plan to equip you with the tools necessary to maintain your overall mental wellness.

After all, we owe it to ourselves to take the step required to participate in our healing and wholeness process. I use a variety of approaches from talk therapy, CBT, mindfulness and meditation, and I am also certified in financial therapy, so I also have the skillset to guide you towards financial wellness. I am here and available to meet you where you are and work together with you in navigating this therapeutic safe space and accomplish your therapeutic goals.

So do this with me breathe, drop your shoulders, release the tension, and relax.

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: African-American
• Race: Black
• Gender: Female (She, Her)

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Best way of contact is email or phone.

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