Clinician: Srividhya Subramanian, LCSW (Texas); Practice Name: MulticulturalTherapists

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About Clinician: Srividhya Subramanian, LCSW (Texas); Practice Name: MulticulturalTherapists

My focus in therapy is on the client and meeting the client “where they are at”. This points to the fact that my approach and tools that I use in session change depending on the needs of the client. I work with each client to ensure their needs are being met and I am using the appropriate tools and techniques to help them achieve their goals. These goals are developed by each client and will be continually assessed and modified as the needs of the client change. I employ a person-centered approach that helps build on the client’s strengths. I use therapeutic techniques in counseling such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), cognitive processing therapy (CPT), motivational interviewing, psychodynamic approach, mindfulness, narrative therapy, improved self-talk and self-care methods, and communication skills. I do strive to ensure I take up a culturally sensitive approach with clients to understand and appreciate the client’s culture in therapy. Moreover, I do want to make sure the client understands that I do not judge the client’s experiences shared in session and make every effort possible to ensure that the client is comfortable and able to share freely, knowing this is a safe space to share.

I primarily work with individuals who are adults. Before starting my private practice, I had worked with survivors of domestic violence, during my advanced internship in my Master of Social Work (MSW) at Boston University. In addition, I had the privilege of working with older adults who experienced severe and persistent mental illnesses, many of whom felt at ease to share their traumatic pasts with me. It would be my honor to work with clients on issues of mental health such as anxiety, depression, low self-worth, self-compassion and self-love.

Personally, I identify as an immigrant and a person of color, more specifically born in India. Prefer she/her/hers. Can fluently speak Tamizh and English. For leisure, I enjoy going on long nature walks. I love yoga for self-care.

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: South Asian
• Race: Asian
• Gender: Female (She/Hers)

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