Chitra Gopalan, LMHC

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About Chitra Gopalan, LMHC

Hello and welcome! Entering a new therapeutic relationship can feel overwhelming, frightening, and even exciting. Finding the right fit is both rewarding and empowering, and I am here to support you. Are you a young adult or adolescent experiencing feelings of anxiety, depression, or frequent feelings of frustration? Is school or work causing you immense distress? Are you experiencing stress related to a specific or ongoing trauma? Are you navigating changes or transitions in your life, big or small? Is the ever-changing world of parenting bringing up challenging emotions?

I am an experienced therapist who will provide a psychologically safe and judgment-free space for you to share, reflect and better understand your experiences, feelings, and thoughts. If you are looking to adopt strategies for greater emotional success, we can work together to change patterns of thinking or behavior and ultimately change your story.

We are facing a global mental health crisis right now and your emotional well-being is directly linked to your overall health and functioning. As a mother, educator, and clinician, I believe strongly in the far reaching ripple effect of mental health care. Invest in yourself, your loved ones, and your greater community by investing in your mental health!

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: South Asian
• Race: Asian
• Gender: Female (She/Her)

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