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Life is a journey full of ups, downs, and forks in the road which can bring about stress, anxiety, depression, and an overall feeling of helplessness. Most of the time it’s easy to navigate on our own, but quite often a licensed psychotherapist is needed to restore balance and provide you with the necessary tools to rebuild and/or redirect your life towards becoming more fulfilling, uplifting, and enjoyable!

My name is Charles Walker, Licensed Clinical Social Worker/ Clinical Therapist #94717, that services the Los Angeles County area through teletherapy and or direct in person services. I received my Masters from the University of Southern California in 2015. As a mental health therapist, I have experience working in community mental health, psychiatric hospitals, and correctional facilities. I am equipped to work with individuals from all walks of life.

I have specialty training in anxiety, depression, sports therapy, victims of crimes, and grief and loss. I also enjoy working with people on a variety of other issues, such as family challenges, life transitions, work and academic concerns, self-doubt, and self- criticism.

Finding relief from distress, gaining confidence, and enjoying more of life are some of the rewards of engaging in this journey . With the right support, you can find your way to the life you deserve

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• Ethnicity: African-American
• Race: Black
• Gender: Male ()


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