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Hi! Right now seems to be a time where having someone willing to listen is critical. Life is happening all around you, so taking the time to research and select a therapist can be a bit intimidating. Experiencing a painful and traumatic situation can leave you broken and confused. Many may not be aware that you feel hopeless and are holding on by a thread. Depression, anxiety, and mood swings can feel overwhelming, especially when you are just trying to adjust to a traumatic occurrence.

I prioritize being an attentive listener without judgment. A person dedicated to remaining culturally sensitive and open to learning what is important to you. My main practice/focus has been to assist others with defining the best version of their own individualistic needs, while exploring/developing a plan of action toward encouragement of wholeness in self, moods, and overall wellness. I am trained with assisting others in the processing of thoughts that alter moods and the creation of impulsive behaviors/decisions.

Working with you to process and heal from traumatic memories, experiences, and relationships is my speciality and privilege. I am aware that trauma is unbiased and affects everyone from all walks of life. We will learn what safety needs to look like for you, while also establishing healthy coping skills and boundaries that allows for increased healing.

You researching therapists communicates a yearning for help. Remaining culturally sensitive and open to what is priority to you is vital in our partnership. I believe your voice has value & I’m ready to listen. I invite you to schedule a free consultation, as it would be my privilege to assist you throughout your therapeutic journey.

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: African-American
• Race: Black
• Gender: Female ()

How to get started

The best way to get started is to contact me is by visiting : or calling (704) 228-6103.

Below are the payment options this practice offers:

  • Assessments: $125, Individual: $115, Also accepts MEDCOST Insurance





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