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Are any of these keeping you stuck?

People-Pleasing & Perfectionism:
You have high standards for self and a harsh, critical voice that picks apart your words, actions and shortcomings. You have a big heart and want to prevent other people’s discomfort, even if it means sacrificing your own happiness. Setting boundaries and saying no is not easy, and can lead to you feeling guilty and hard on yourself. You may have stopped engaging in a creative outlet because it stopped being enjoyable under the weight of other people’s expectations and judgement.

Stress and Anxiety:
You experience a near constant state of elevated stress and anxiety. There are things, people, and places you avoid because of the anxiety. You have to keep busy and active to avoid being still with your thoughts. You realize being “on” all of the time limits your ability to enjoy life, but “resting” doesn’t feel like rest either.

Emotional pain:
You have overcome so much in your life, but it still feels like when certain things come up, or you’re around certain people, all of a sudden you’re a child again, waiting to hear “I’m proud of you” from your parents, but it never comes. The pain of your past experiences follows you to the present, no matter how much physical distance you have from the source.

Have you tried things in the past?
Pushing past the feelings worked in the short term, but they keep coming back. Avoiding all your triggers leads to making your life smaller than you have dreams for. Putting your energy into your education and career leaves you wishing for greater meaning to life, and keeping busy, not allowing your mind and body to rest just makes balance less and less attainable.

My name is Olivia White. I am a licensed therapist and I work with people who have spent so much time in the chaos and performance of life, that they have lost connection to the personal meaning and balance in their life.

Doing therapy is deep and challenging work, and my intention is to create a space to facilitate true, meaningful and lasting transformation by bringing together brain science, art, clinical knowledge and lived human experience into the therapeutic space.

With me, therapy is a partnership and you’re not alone on your journey of healing, growth and change. I am right there along with you doing my part to heal, grow and live life fully present.

I want to invite you to have a look at my website to learn more and reach out for a free consultation.

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• Ethnicity: African-American
• Race: Black,Biracial
• Gender: Female (She/Her)

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