Chana Johnson, LCPC, PMH-C, TCTSY-F

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About Chana Johnson, LCPC, PMH-C, TCTSY-F

Do you feel stuck?

Are challenges with your partner or spouse coming up over and over again, with no end in sight? Are you struggling to move forward after the death of your baby? Do you keep having the same issues in relationships? Challenges are a fact of life, but they can be overcome successfully. Moving forward successfully after a loss— even the loss of a child— is possible. Whether your challenges stem from relationships, bereavement, or other issues like anxiety and depression, you can break the cycle of chaos and pain, reach your goals, and have the life you desire— because you deserve it!
I work with couples and individuals to get them where they want to be. Using a systems approach, with professionalism and compassion, I can help you work through grief, recover from depression, anxiety, and relational issues, and achieve success in your relationships. I also offer therapy intensives for individuals and couples to help jumpstart your healing so you can feel better faster.
Every experience you’ve had, good or bad, has contributed to where you are right now. Let’s use those experiences to create the future you desire!

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: African-American
• Race: Black
• Gender: female (she, her)

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miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss
perinatal mood disorders
anxiety and depression

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