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About Anthony Adams, LMHC

My name is Anthony T. Adams and I have been in practice as a licensed Mental Health Counselor -Psychotherapist for the past 25 years. I hold licenses as an LMHC in the State of Florida, and I have Clinical Supervision certification.

My Focus in Therapy:

I am commitment to providing high-quality person- centered counseling is backed by over 28+ years of experience. Combining evidence-based methods, a comprehensive knowledge of current research and a compassionate partnership with each unique individual, I offer encouragement nonjudgmental support to help solve problems and assist in making healthy decisions, adjusting comfortably to change, while providing effective tools to overcome the emotional distress that keeps people stuck, frustrated and feeling unfulfilled.

Our working together will be tailored to your specific goals and needs. I will incorporate various Therapeutic approaches drawn from the Integrative Model of Therapy which includes and elective use of Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioral, Mindfulness and Existential and Family Systems while sometimes including a bit of Narrative or Collaborative forms of therapy, in order to help you create the life you with more satisfaction and contentment. Many of clients often tell me that I tend to get to the “ the root causes of the problems or discomfort” while gently assisting them as we move through the ambivalence, resistance, or pain which may be underlying the stuck feeling when faced with life changes.

My approach as your counselor is to provide non-judgmental support and help you explore the steps needed to move forward, whether it’s overcoming anxiety, depression or trauma, conquering anger or behavioral issues, addressing relationship and/or family challenges, gaining clarity on career frustrations or transitions, managing issues related to aging, improving communication or reducing stress. I tend to see my role as a coach, co-collaborator, and a will partner with you, who walk alongside of you, and believe in getting down into the trenches to tackle the obstacles which sometimes may seem unsurmountable. I seek to assist you in finding the skills, tools, and answers to help you to achieve your goals together. My clients often tell me that I am NOT the type of therapist that sits silently by in session by just giving you the occasional head nod and verbal “uh-huh”. Instead, I give direct feedback, and actively challenge you to dig deeper, or look closer, stay with the tension, as we unlock and extract the answers together. It is my desire to bring hope, optimism, humility and humor to my work and feel that it is an honor to be invited on each new challenge and work with you along the journey. It is my credo or (belief) to always treat you with respect, care and compassion while providing you with constructive guidance to help you navigate the uncertain waters in life.
Together, we will work on identifying what those patterns are, the role the patterns of (behaviors, beliefs, attitudes) serve while we explore how to navigate the toxic minefields that threaten to blow up our relationships.

Clinician Demographics:
• Race: Black
• Gender: Male ()

How to get started

Click on my website link to schedule an appointment online, or please feel free to email me! I accept major insurances in FL.

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