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About Amanda Martell

Greetings to those seeking healing – I am Amanda Martell, LCSW. I work with women, children and adolescents. I have found that we all have something we are healing from. Whether it is anxiety, previous trauma, stress, or just needing someone to talk to for extra support – I am here to aid in a range of needs. I am lucky to have worked with women and children for the past decade. Besides my clinical work, I have a range of experience in the social work field that has allowed me to have a holistic understanding and approach to therapy. That being said, I believe it is imperative to heal from the past to grow into your higher self.

I recognize that the journey to wholeness is hard, but it is possible – with small steps at a pace best for each person. Reaching out and taking a step to be vulnerable with someone is definitely scary – I commend you for even taking the step to look for support and I wish positivity and healing on wherever your path takes you.

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: Caribbean
• Race: Latino-Latina-Latinx-Latine
• Gender: Female (She/her)

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