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About A New Lens Consultant & Life Coaching Services

Life Coaching Services:
Freedom to find inner peace will open the doors to new beginnings & possibilities. Our life coaching services aim to assist individuals, families, and couples in developing skills to overcome obstacles in life while learning to live a more fulfilling path. Our focus is to help you:
• Learn powerful techniques that will give you the confidence to find your voice and speak up for yourself.
• Learning the right skills to strengthen relationships and finding happiness in relationships again.
• Discover blocks that have been holding you back from unleashing your fullest potential.
• Learning the best practice of healthy living habits.
• Receive dynamic tools that will move you past your blocks so you can be confident and booming in all areas of your life.
• Master the courage to ask for what you want out of life and not just accept what is.
• Develop skills that will allow you to stand on your own two feet and pursue a life that is authentically yours.
• Evolve to be the best version of you that you can possibly be.

We provide a wide range of life coaching services, including but not limited to:
• Couples/Relationships Coaching/Learning to love again-these services provide a platform for us to learn our strengths in relationships & needs for improvements.
• Healthy Eating habits/Physical Exercise Plan- our goal is to assist you in developing a more healthy physical lifestyle.
• Mental Health education- aims to provide mental health awareness issues impacting us in a group setting.
• Self-love- Let us help you develop the skills needed to appreciate who you are & understand your strengths.

The perfect way to find joy is to detach yourself from everyday life and take time to embrace yourself. Let us focus on both external and internal health. You made the first and most crucial step in creating your best new life! You have been guided here because you are ready to create changes. Let us help you create a fulfilling path. Contact us & learn more

Business Consulting Services:
To understand our progress, we must first learn to evaluate the past, analyze the present, and plan for the future. Our consulting services focus on assessing your business plan, successes, strengths, and needs for improvements. Throughout the evaluation process, we assist in developing and implementing better strategies for a better outcome.

We provide:
• Mental Health business consultant- aim to evaluate agencies strengths and needs for improvements.
• Office Management Services- our goal is to manage the daily function of your agency to grant you the opportunity to focus on growth.
• Billing and Authorizations-This service will assist you in checking insurance eligibility before starting services, requesting Authorization for the clinical team, helping in billing the insurance companies, and more.
• Intake services- We aim to conduct intakes, reach out to referral sources, Clients and accurately gather all necessary information before assigning the case to a clinical team.
• Marketing & Branding Services- We aim to ensure that your organization has the necessary marking tools and connections within the community.

Please book your free 30 minutes session now. We are here to help you grow!

Clinician Demographics:
• Ethnicity: African-American,Caribbean
• Race: Black
• Gender: Male (He/his/him)


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Life Coaching/Relationships Coaching
Mental Health BUSINESS Consulting
Group Mental Health Educational/Physical Health and Healthy Eating habits Coaching

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