Ways To Identify Infidelity In Your Marriage

By Laura Louis | Aug 29, 2021

Infidelity is one of the most common problems in marriage. According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, national surveys indicate that approximately 20% of marriages experience some level of infidelity. This poses a difficult situation. Once trust has been broken within the relationship, couples have to spend time rebalancing and rebuilding their foundation. If you are wondering if you may with an unfaithful partner, here are some signs to pay attention to:

1. Change in Attitude
Change in the mood of a person can be pointed out to be more than just work stress. They suddenly get irritated at tiny things that didn’t bother them in the past. They suddenly change habits too.

2. Random gifts on ordinary days
They may shower you with random gifts out of nowhere or perhaps affection and attention. It is a common way to butter someone up when feeling guilty about something.

3. Missing In Action
All of a sudden, they go missing in action and just give undisputable excuses, (i.e. that their battery went dead). They can begin to tell you how busy they are (with work and that they don’t have time). This additionally shows up as canceling dates at the last minute.

4. Your gut tells you something is going on
Lean into your intuition! If you think your mate is acting differently, maybe hiding something, or you sense some strange behavior they haven’t shown before, maybe your suspicions are right.

But before you conclude if your partner fits this description, try to observe and open up to him/her in a calm and civil manner. Do not let your assumptions rule you first. This is dangerous, especially if you have experienced previous relationship trauma and you had a hard time trusting your partner from the beginning.

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As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Laura Louis is a widely sought-after speaker specializing in helping couples press the reset button after infidelity. Her five-step training program, Marriage Matters, has helped couples reawaken their connection. Affectionately deemed the “Marriage Architect”, Dr. Louis gives couples the tools to build their marriages.
Dr. Louis is one of the most sought-after public speakers, consultants, and psychologists alive today. She has spoken, conducted 100s of seminars, training, consulting for businesses, organizations, colleges/universities, hospitals, rehab centers, correctional facilities, and other institutions all over the United States, Brazil, Mexico, London, Haiti, Cambodia, just to name a few.
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