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By Renetta Weaver | Feb 24, 2021

by Dr. Renetta Weaver


New Year, New Me, New Body?


At the beginning of every year, we have probably made another resolution toward losing our weight and keeping it off. Especially this year, because COVID-19 weight was something that has caused many of us, emotional eaters, to regain half our weight back. 

Although many of us have tried and failed at maintaining our weight loss in the past, we continue to look for that magic solution that will help us be successful this time. That is why it is so easy for us to join another gym or sign up for a weight loss program. 

Can I share something with you? This was my pattern since early childhood. What I discovered is that all restrictive programs worked for me when I worked them. But as soon as I stopped working the program the weight loss stopped and I regained double the weight twice as fast. 

I am not suggesting that there is anything wrong with changing the way we eat and moving our bodies more. In fact, these are very liberating activities and necessary ingredients in the recipe for weight loss.

However, if you only focus on diet and exercise and do not address what is eating you, you will eventually diet yourself into weighing more than your highest weight.

If you are someone who said the words “New Year, New Me,” but secretly know that you feel stuck when it comes to releasing your weight and keeping it off, follow these 5 simple steps to discover how to break the cycle! 


Step 1. Acknowledge 

The first step to releasing the weight is admitting the problem. Getting honest about your present condition positions you to win.


Step 2. Accept

Seeing things as they are can help you to examine what was working against you and determine the emotional and behavioral changes that will support your weight release.


Step 3. Forgive

When we experience anger and stress, we tend to crave salt, sugar and fat to help us fuel up for a fight. It is not about hunger or greediness; it is about preparing for a continuous battle. Forgiveness is the key to win the war.


Step 4. Use Positive Self-talk 

By speaking positive statements to yourself you can reprogram your mind, boost your mood, increase your self-confidence, accept yourself and your body…flaws and all. 


Step 5. Enjoy the journey 

Spend some time getting to know and love yourself for who and how you are uniquely created to be.


Listen, for many years, I exclaimed “New Year, New Me” and the promises that I made to myself were real. However, I always seemed to run out of motivation, and I started to feel like a failure. Although weight loss surgery restored my hope, I quickly discovered that it was not the total solution. 

When I begin to practice self-love and acceptance on the inside it started showing up on the outside. That is what led me to create a space where I could teach other emotional eaters to do the same. If you were able to relate to something I said perhaps you will benefit from joining a community dedicated to emotional and physical weight loss. Please join the Facebook group “Regain No More.”


Also, connect with me at

I know it is not by accident that you are here. I believe we are connected by our similar feelings of despair when it comes to our weight. I know the mask we wear to cover up our pain and I know the hopelessness that comes every time we regain. Although no one really understands your unique experience, I want you to know that I love you, I accept you, you are worthy and you are enough. 

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About The Author

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Bariatric Counselor specializing in food addiction and emotional eating due to trauma.

I am grateful to connect with people who have tried and failed at weight loss and are looking for an answer. If that is you, let us stay connected and let us fight this battle together.



Renetta Weaver

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