Mental Health Therapy Growing up African American

By Tara Patrick Taylor | May 28, 2021

Growing up black in an impoverished community in the 1980’s mental treatment was not discussed in a positive manner. I remember in grade school hearing kids bully other kids because of their mental status. Also overhearing adults speaking on receiving mental health treatment as being a weakness. However, I would like to enlighten everyone that receiving mental health treatment/consultation is not a weakness it is actually a strength. Mental Health treatment is just as important as your physical and dental health because mental health is the vital key to maintaining superior physical health. Your mental health is the channel for everything else. Without your mental health being intact, there is no way possible to maintain your physical or mental health.
I would like to encourage the African American Community and other races to indulge in Mental Health Care. I would also like to encourage parents to introduce Mental Health Care to their children as well. Mental Health Care is just as important as dental and physical care. I introduced journaling to children as early as four years of age. The purpose of introducing journaling to children was to assist them with verbalizing their positive and negative emotions. Studies have shown that children effectively verbalize their emotions through journaling. Play Therapy has also been an effective therapeutic treatment in order to assist children as well as adults in verbalizing their negative and positive emotions.

What I’d like you to take away:
1. Taking care of your mental health is important.
2. If you are prescribed mental health medications take them as prescribed.
3. Mental Health treatment can make all of the difference in the world.
4. Bullying behaviors are learned during grade school ages.
5. For mental health needs please seek help through Clinicians of Color, or local mental health clinics.
6. All mental illnesses are not permanent.

Tara Patrick Taylor is a licensed therapist and specializes in many different areas (Medical Assisting Diploma, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration, Master of Science in Human Services, Certified Life Coach, Certified Grief and Bereavement Counselor, Certified Addictions Therapist) You can contact Tara at


Tara Patrick Taylor

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