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By Lisa Savage | Jun 29, 2023

In the bustling city of Los Angeles, where the fast-paced lifestyle can take its toll on individuals, anxiety, and depression have become prevalent mental health concerns. The good news is that effective treatment options are available to help individuals manage and overcome these conditions.

“As a black therapist in Los Angeles, I know the struggle of managing the climb on that career ladder while managing life’s challenges. Professionals of color face too many problems with at work. I know how extremely discouraging this can be and I understand the effects it has on your productivity, mental health, and overall workplace satisfaction. With career counseling, you can begin to feel (and work) like you again.”

Camille specializes in working with biracial/multiracial individuals and couples counseling for interracial couples. Additionally, she specializes in career counseling for high-achieving professionals of color.

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