It's A Process

By Irene Bernard | Dec 7, 2020

The word process intrigues me for some reason. By definition it means a series of actions or events taken in order to achieve a particular end. However, it is not a requirement that the actions involved or referred to be mechanical in nature. There are some processes that occur naturally so, for example, the growth process. The thing is, everything in life is a process. Even when it appears that something just appeared or happened, when we look behind the scenes we find the process that caused it to be.
In today’s Google informed, microwave, fast food society, we begin to view “process” as a very long, very drawn out, set of steps we’d like to avoid. While many of us may calculate ways through which we can avoid certain processes, we really only delay the inevitable. Processes should not be avoided or shunned but embraced for the wisdom they bring. Learn to be present and enjoy from the processes life brings us. Some maybe more grueling than others but all bring enlightenment as we gleam insight from their exposure.
We are where we are today because of some intentional and some unintentional processes throughout our lives. Some of us may have walls around our emotions due to surviving the painful process of abusive relationships. Others may fear failure due to some past embarrassment or decision that did not produce a desired result. Nevertheless, all processes offer lessons that can empower us as we advance through life.
It may appear to be a complicated task when asked the lesson learned from a painful and sometimes traumatic past, but I guarantee you that there was much information that can and will help you with future relationships, decisions, and endeavors with a professional to help you navigate those memories. This is what The Recovery Room is about. Whatever processes life has offered you do not have to negatively impact your thoughts, behaviors, relationships, or health today or in the future. Check out our services, request a free consultation, “Like” our FaceBook and Youtube pages, purchase the “It’s A Process” guided journal. Do one or all but please do not sit by and do nothing. Invest in yourself and get all you need from life’s processes.


Irene Bernard

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