Is this anxiety that I'm feeling?

By Jessica Bullock | Jun 1, 2021

It is estimated that over 40 million people suffer with Anxiety Disorder, however only about 35% seek treatment. It is commonly diagnosed in conjunction with Depressive Disorders. Anxiety is a mental health disorder that impacts a large number of those suffering with Mental Illnesses.
Most recently, with the state of racial tension in America, ‘Racial Anxiety’ has been highly reported among people of color. According to ‘Perception Institute’, racial anxiety is defined as the increased stress that is felt when interacting with another race in fear of a negative interaction.
The Washington Post indicated a significant spike in Anxiety among African Americans after the shootings in 2020. Due to this increase of reported mental health, people of color have significantly shown up for therapy in the past year and are decreasing the stigma in their communities. This is a step in the right direction.

What does Anxiety Feel Like?
Anxiety can range in symptoms. Some of the symptoms are:
l Sweaty palms
l Increased heart rate
l Difficulty breathing
l Trouble Concentrating
l Loss of appetite
l Racing thoughts
What causes Anxiety?
Anxiety can be caused by many things, such as: fear of the future, loss of control, overwhelm, grief and depression. At The Passion Care Center, we encourage individuals to talk about their fears and engage in a conversation that will assist in identifying and confronting troubling thoughts. By identifying the thought process contribution to the fear, individuals will develop control over how they feel.

What Coping Skills Can I use for my Anxiety?
Coping skills that can assist you in reducing the symptoms of anxiety could be any one of the following:
l Deep breathing exercises
l Talking to a friend
l Self soothing using any of the five senses
If you are struggling with Anxiety, there are various treatment options. Talk therapy, group therapy, grounding activities, exercise and sometimes medication can all help to cope with the symptoms of anxiety.
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