By Jessica Bullock | Sep 1, 2022

According to the US Census Bureau, over 50 million children will be attending school this fall. However, many children are struggling with waves of Anxiety as they adjust to the new school year, start testing, while protecting themselves from whatever dangers of illness and sickness they perceive they are exposed to. How do you assist your child in dealing with their anxiety healthily? Well, here are 4 tips to assist you in creating a reduced atmosphere of Anxiety in your home. 


  1. SLOW DOWN & PREPARE. Make sure to prepare the night before school as much as you can. Statistics show that children who feel better prepared in the morning are least likely to feel overwhelmed and frazzled. Parents – don’t put that stress on your children. SLOW DOWN. 
  2. TALK THROUGH FEARS & EXPECTATIONS. Ensure you talk through expectations and challenge your child to think through their fears. Anxiety is developed from an unhealthy conceptualization of the future. It would be helpful to have your child proactively expose their fears and talk through them, rather than avoid them. 
  3. MODEL APPROPRIATE ACTIONS. If your child watches you freak out when you are having a bad day and respond negatively, then they will most likely do the same. Behavior theory tells us that children learn through modeling. What responses to stress are you modeling for your children? 
  4. REDUCE EXPOSURE TO NEWS SOURCES. If your child is naturally prone to worry, then reduce or avoid having conversations around them about the latest diseases or world disasters. It can cause excessive stress on their brain. Answer questions in a way that will be honest, but let them know that you are the parent and that it is your concern. 


Don’t forget to celebrate as often as you can and have fun. It would also be great for your child to be involved in an activity or sport that will increase endorphins and feel-good hormones! Cheers to a happy and safe year of school and fun (for you and the children!) 



Since 2010, Jessica is the CEO and Founder of LiIFE OPTIONS COUNSELING & CONSULTING, where she and her team have served thousands of families and individuals. She is passionate about bringing education and research that highlight BIPOC communities. Jessica also enjoys working as a consultant for counseling centers and churches, serves as a board member on several nonprofit organizations, and teaches. She graduated with her second Master’s Degree at Seton Hall University and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision. Contact Jessica at


Jessica Bullock

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