By Jessica Bullock | May 16, 2022

This month is Mental Health Awareness Month! According to the American Psychological Association, people are starting to harbor more positive views about Mental Health. One survey identified that 87% of individuals believed that mental health is nothing to be ashamed of. In the past 2 years, statistics regarding suicide, depression, and anxiety, (just to name a few) have skyrocketed during these times of mental anguish. People are more open than they have ever been and this will only lead to more healing!


Mental health professionals have a responsibility to host conversations, destigmatize mental health disorders and educate our communities regarding treatment options. You also can help in this fight against stigma. How can you increase awareness in your community about Mental Health? 


A few ways you can increase awareness in your community is by doing any of the following: 

  1. Speak openly about your own mental health experiences. Many times people do not want to speak about their success in treatment or their struggles because they often feel isolated or like they are the only ones. But if you are comfortable with where you are in your journey, sharing can encourage others to seek treatment for themselves and speak up about the help they need.
  2. Host or participate in a Mental Health Awareness event. Whether you host a talk, gathering, or participate in a community MH screening day all of these activities help to get the word out about Mental Health resources and also celebrate recovery!
  3. Ask Questions. Believe it or not, your own uncertainty about Mental Health can cause you to take a back seat talking about it. So ask the questions, get answers and be knowledgeable so you can pass the correct information to someone who needs it. Whether it’s something you were told when you were young or a  belief you developed on your own, make sure your own biases are corrected. 

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About The Author 

Jessica Bullock is a Licensed Therapist practicing in North Carolina and New Jersey and is currently working on her doctoral degree to impact change in Higher Education. Her private practice is now accepting new clients. Feel free to visit her website at or her clinicians of color profile at


Jessica Bullock

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