"Exploring the Stigma Around Therapy in the Black Community"

By Lisa Savage | Jan 24, 2023

Mental health is an important issue that affects people of all races and ethnicities. However, for Black individuals, seeking therapy can often be met with unique challenges and stigmas. In this blog post, we will explore the barriers that prevent many Black people from seeking treatment and the importance of addressing these issues in the Black community.

The stigma around therapy in the Black community: Many Black individuals may not seek therapy due to the stigma surrounding mental health in the Black community. Some may view therapy as a sign of weakness or as something only “crazy” people do.
Limited access to culturally competent therapy: Another barrier for Black people is the lack of access to culturally competent therapists. Many Black individuals may feel uncomfortable sharing their experiences with a therapist who does not understand their cultural background or experiences.
Financial barriers: The cost of therapy can also be a barrier for Black individuals and families, as they are disproportionately affected by poverty and economic insecurity.
It is essential to acknowledge and address the barriers that prevent many Black individuals from seeking therapy. By breaking down the stigmas around treatment in the Black community, increasing access to culturally competent therapy, and addressing financial barriers, we can help ensure that all Black individuals have access to the mental health support they need.


Lisa Savage

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