Engaged? Now What? Reducing Stress While Planning your Wedding

By Laura Louis | Feb 16, 2022

The union of a man and a woman signifies a moment of pure bliss and happiness. Both of your families are there, your friends are complete, you have guests that add to your happiness and you have presents! We all love presents! Who wouldn’t? Your wedding is the very start of the future you will attain together with your significant other. Of course, as a bride or groom, you would want your wedding to be the best that it can be. You want it to be something unforgettable, not just for you, but for your guests as well. 

Weddings will always be memorable; it won’t matter whether it is a simple one or an extravagant one. The decision of planning for your wedding comes from what the bride and the groom want. This article will give a few bits of advice on how to plan for your wedding:


  • Budget. According to BuisinessInsider.com, 28% of American couples start their marriage in debt over their wedding expenses. Understanding your monetary limits will increase your ability to enjoy the process and start the marriage off in the right direction. Always rely on your budget when planning for your wedding. Of course, everyone wants to have the wedding of the century, but does your budget allow it? Remember that a wedding can be memorable even if it’s a simple one.


  • Timeline. Always have a timeline for your wedding. Don’t rush your wedding plans because you know it will be a disaster in one way or another. Weddings are much better if you plan them slowly but surely.


  • Availability. Always make sure that your wedding will be the day when the ‘most important’ people that you want to invite are available. Of course, it is much better when every individual you love will be there.


  • Theme.Having a style or a theme helps you choose the story you’re going to tell.”- Theknot.com. Think about having a theme for your wedding. It makes planning so much easier. It will be the trademark of one of the most unforgettable events in your life.


Always remember that the both of you have to help each other with your wedding. It will always be memorable, no matter what the outcome will be. This event will be the moment where both of you, as a bride and a groom, will be shining. 


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About The Author

As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Laura Louis is a widely sought-after speaker specializing in helping couples press the reset button after infidelity. Her five-step training program, Marriage Matters, has helped couples reawaken their connection. Affectionately deemed the “Marriage Architect”, Dr. Louis gives couples the tools to build their marriages.

Dr. Louis is one of the most sought-after public speakers, consultants, and psychologists alive today. She has spoken, conducted 100s of seminars, training, consulting for businesses, organizations, colleges/universities, hospitals, rehab centers, correctional facilities, and other institutions all over the United States, Brazil, Mexico, London, Haiti, Cambodia, just to name a few. 




Laura Louis


  1. Dr. Letitia Browne-James on February 17, 2022 at 6:42 am

    Great and practical article! I’m glad we did all of this and other things to make our wedding a beautiful depiction of our love story as stress-free as possible and debt-free by saving for it and paying for things as we went and with the generous support of both sets of parents. That was almost 12 years ago! ❤️ I just had a client share some stressors about paying off wedding debt. It didn’t sound like fun for the couple.

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