Are you feeling emotionally exhausted? Come find ease and alignment with an EMDR trained therapist

By Derrick Saunders | Sep 9, 2023

Are you emotionally constipated, trapped in your mask, noticing increased anxiety regarding the overflowing demands of life? Are your past wounds impacting your  present relationships? If so, I am here to align with you, become your ally, explore your journey through your lens in a safe, non- judgmental, relaxed and supportive environment. While being culturally humble, I incorporate therapeutic approaches which focus on the mind, body, and soul. During your journey, you deserve to be supported, as you Release, Restore, and Redefine! Now offering, EMDR Intensive sessions, EMDR Group sessions (no sharing required), and EMDR Retreats. Trauma Conscious Yoga, Sound Meditation, and Breath-work integrated into the EMDRsessions to support healing holistically. Continue to be courageous and reach out today. Feel free to contact for more info.



Derrick Saunders

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