3 Most Common Problems In Marriage By Dr. Laura Louis

By Laura Louis | Jun 5, 2021

There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship or marriage, for that matter. One way or another, married couples face rocky episodes at some point during their marriage.

Below are three of the most typical marital issues that every couple face during their married life.

1. Struggling With Finances
This wouldn’t pose a challenge if all of us were loaded with money. Unfortunately, money problems are something we encounter and that’s no different for married couples as well. The main difference is that men and women have different spending habits and when one does not agree with the other concerning this, it can lead to conflict. To solve this problem, couples should be honest about their financial capacity and keep a visible record of daily expenses. Most importantly, transparent conversations regarding their relationship with money should be explored.

2. Communication Is Poor
It is important to know that relationships never work if there is no proper communication. We are entitled to have our own thoughts and opinions. When these different opinions are not communicated effectively, conflicts can arise between individuals. This is very common in marriage because men and women express themselves differently. Couples should meet in the middle and always end arguments with some sort of resolution, even if that resolution is ‘let’s take a break, think about our options, and return to this conversation.’ It may sound difficult to do, but married couples should compromise when it comes to sharing their opinions with each other to avoid bigger problems in the future.

3. Spending Less Time Together
When couples get married, they get thrown into a pile of responsibilities like career, children, and making sure that all domestic matters are taken care of. The stress of trying to accomplish everything at once can often put a strain on their physical and mental capabilities. This tends to cause neglect of spending quality time together. When less time is spent together, the intimacy in marriage slowly dissipates and over time and could lead to conflicts. To resolve this issue, husbands and wives have to make one another a priority and firmly set aside a reoccurring day or date to invest in their relationship.

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