Clinicians of Color

Clinicians of Color Directory

A directory that makes finding a therapist of color easier. 

Directory Benefits:

  • Lists clinicians of color all over the country
  • Connect with a clinician by sending them a message

Clinicians of Color Online Academy

Resources to help clinicians of color thrive in private practice

COCOA Academy Membership Benefits:

  • Access to hundreds of classes
  • Monthly expert training on clinical or practice building topics
  • Live monthly question and answer sessions
  • Discounted high-ticket training such as EMDR
  • Access to a private Facebook page for ongoing support
  • Opportunity to network and learn from fellow BIPOC therapists


Lisa R. Savage, LCSW, and Kim L. Knight, MBA, LMHC, founded Clinicians of Color, LLC over five years ago. Kim and Lisa shared a vision of helping BIPOC mental health providers develop skills and expertise to start or grow a private practice. They saw clinicians struggle with the nuts and bolts of practice development while recognizing that mental health providers' need in Black and Brown communities was increasing. Born out of this need was COCOA—Clinicians of Color Online Academy. It's a platform that contains over one hundred classes, expert training, resources, and support. Each month members get access to clinical training, and live question and answers sessions. They are also part of a private Facebook group where they receive ongoing support and guidance from fellow members. COCOA members also get significant discounts on big-ticket items such as EMDR training and other evidence-based modalities. Kim and Lisa believe that being in practice is one thing but having the opportunity to build and refine skills is another.

Over time, Lisa and Kim expanded services to include training and advocacy. Their most recent initiative is a mental health directory to bridge the gap between need and access to services.

Clinicians of Color, since its inception, has assisted hundreds of BIPOC providers and continues to be a vital resource for our communities. We unapologetically center the needs of BIPOC communities.

Recently Clinicians of Color was fortunate to bring on Dr. Jeff Gardere as their spokesperson. Dr. Gardere is a well-known psychologist who will use his expertise and clinical experience to assist COC in its efforts to grow and create more opportunities for its members.



Lisa Savage, LCSW

Lisa Savage is a proud ivy league school graduate and social worker. She is the founder of The Center for Child Development located in Newark, DE. Ms. Savage pioneered school-based mental health services in the state of Delaware. She now owns the largest Black-owned practice in the entire country, with just over 62 employees. Lisa teaches other providers how to think creatively and build a practice that they feel good about and succeed.

Lisa co-founded Clinicians of Color with Kim L. Knight.


Kim Knight, LMHC

Kim Knight, is an author, coach, speaker, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor with
over 20 years’ experience in the wellness and helping profession. Kim started out as a small solo private practice owner in Valley Stream, NY but has since grown and
expanded into a group practice with several therapists, providing telehealth therapeutic services to clients throughout NY State.

Her hope is to continue being an advocate for mental health wellness and to help fight the stigma that exists particularly in communities of color. She wants to get the
message out that taking care of one’s mental health is an act of self-care and self-love and should never come with shame, embarrassment or judgement. She also wants to get the word out to therapists of color that with the right mindset, support and resources, one can make a good living doing the work that they love.

Kim co-founded Clinicians of Color with Lisa Savage.


Clinicians of Color unequivocally centers the needs of BIPOC mental health communities. We aim to elevate the visibility and meet the needs of mental health providers by providing access to resources that help them learn, develop and thrive as clinicians and private practice owners. We support BIPOC communities by providing them with resources that connect them to BIPOC therapists who can provide culturally sensitive environment that can meet their individual needs. Our hope is that collectively our work will move us closer to the goal of eradicating the stigma of therapy and make the process of finding a therapist easier and more culturally acceptable.